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What people have to say about Terryl.

Ashley G.

Chevy Chase, MD

Terryl has been an important and trusted advisor to our family.  Our son was born with torticollis and Terryl began treating him at 3 weeks old. Not only did she help to significantly improve his condition, she also provided us with specific instructions and at-home exercises.  Her patience and gentle approach was particularly comforting to us as new parents.  Terryl is the utmost professional and her advice & service has been invaluable to our family.

Gabby W.

Washington, DC

I came to Terryl when my daughter was two months old because she was developing a flat spot on her head and a case of torticollis. Terryl guided me through every stage of developement, providing the tools I needed to gradually correct the problem. Each week she offered helpful tips and resources that changed as the baby grew.  Working with Terryl was a pleasure. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the field, but she also cares for the wellbeing of the children she works with on a deep level.

Elaine Ellis, MD

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities pediatric subspecialist

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Terryl Rosenberg to any family considering her services. She is a very gifted and talented therapist who has honed her innate skills with frequent seminars and trainings always striving to be exceptional.  Her passionate dedication to her clients includes collaborating with other care providers to ensure ‘no stone is left unturned’ that may benefit a child and family.  She is a gift to the families who have benefited from her services.

Jennifer Burke

For almost ten years now Terryl has been helping our family navigate a comprehensive approach to our son’s physical medicine needs. Her keen sense of what is best for our son, and our family, has been so reassuring, and we have benefitted immeasurably from her commitment to delivering care that is always well informed with the latest research and advances available.

S. Murji

Our son was born with a rare neurological condition and required PT from 5 weeks of age. We were incredibly lucky to find Terryl Rosenberg who worked with us for 6 years. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She always believed in what was possible and never let us give up hope. Our son is almost 10 and continues to thrive because of the early intervention services he received from Terryl. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her!

Katherine B.

Washington, DC

Our son worked with Terryl for several years, from about age 2 until age 5 for some motor delays.  I was constantly amazed by the nuance of Terryl's observations about him, and the ways she built a program that he not only enjoyed, but which helped him catch up to his age group.  We are so grateful for Terryl's deep attention to and clear affection for our son.  Amid all the uncertainties and worries that accompany any kind of developmental delay in a child, I felt so much relief and confidence knowing that Terryl watched our son as closely as I did.  

Andrew M. Gordon, Ph.D.

Professor of Movement Science and Neuroscience and Education, Columbia University

Terryl has been integrally involved in assisting us with our intensive therapy research projects for many years. She is an active member of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology and her dedication to her professional growth has been evidenced by her contribution to the clinical execution of our research. Your child will be in excellent hands!

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